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my bby

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“In case you ever foolishly forget;
I am never not thinking of you.”

Virginia Woolf (via uzowuru)

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"Have you met Archimedes? The one with the black spots, you see? You remember Archimedes of Syracuse, eh? The king asks Archimedes to determine if a present he’s received is actually solid gold. Unsolved problem at the time. It tortures the great Greek mathematician for weeks - insomnia haunts him and he twists and turns in his bed for nights on end. Finally, his equally exhausted wife - she’s forced to share a bed with this genius - convinces him to take a bath to relax. While he’s entering the tub, Archimedes notices the bath water rise. Displacement, a way to determine volume, and that’s a way to determine density - weight over volume. And thus, Archimedes solves the problem. He screams "Eureka" and he is so overwhelmed he runs dripping naked through the streets to the king’s palace to report his discovery."

Pi (1998)

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there’s this resistance to honestly expressing myself, i’m constantly surrounded by people who don’t know how to handle the truth and are afraid of it each time it’s in their face. idek if i want to be honest with certain people anymore. do you really want to know what i feel or do you just want an excuse to speak? 

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Happy 40th Kate Moss

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GOD this looks so damn good

i didn’t want this video to end

Fuck that was crazy

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